Life Drawing Funness

I got to attend a figure drawing session at 171 Cedar! I’ve been dying to get some life drawing into my schedule and this open session-style class will be perfect for brushing up on my life drawing skills. These aren’t nearly as bad as I’ve been expecting since I haven’t drawn from a live figure in about 4 years, (whaaat?!) but these were still the only two from the 2 hour session that I felt like posting. I’m definitely not moving as fast as I used to or as accurately, so there are some proportional issues in both of these drawings, but there are also some light and shadow and line work that I thought turned out ok for my first time back.

Notes to Self: Double check head proportions (all of them are a little too big, probably from drawing cartoons all day); don’t skip the measuring, even on the 10 minute poses; bring a plumb-line for next time, my angles will be better for it!


171FigureDrawing1 171FigureDrawing2


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