Open for Commissions!

Open for Commissions!

Have you ever wanted an adorable drawing of one of your personal heroes? Commission a piece from me!

I attended a really great smaller Comic-Con, the River Road Expo, last fall and I had such a blast! It was organized by Jared Aiosa (of Heroes your Mom Threw Out) and he and a few (unnamed) friends have been encouraging me to accept commissions for the next show coming up April 19. I have wrestled with this idea for some months now, and though I will not be taking commissions during the show itself, I will be taking pre-orders, and requests for after the show. Here are a few examples, (So much fun coming up with these!) and I will be adding to them as I grow a portfolio for commissions. Keep in mind, examples like these images are only available by commission, you will not be seeing prints of these! Visit my Commissions page for more information about pricing and for more examples!











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  1. Jared says:

    Great job!

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