Prints and Products

Many of my original pieces end up as prints or on other products, including magnets, shirts, and stationary. One of the the things I love about what I do is to make art more accessible, so I do my best to make sure that the things I produce hit a range of affordability.


I take my print quality seriously, and all of my Giclee prints are made using archival paper and canon dye-based inks that are tested to last centuries as long as they are cared for well. Some suggestions for the care of prints:

  1. A good picture frame not only enhances your print but also will protect it. Acid-free mats should be used to prevent the glass from touching the surface of the print and these must be of archival quality.
  2. Do not hang prints over radiators, air vents, or in humid rooms like bathrooms or basements. Heat changes can affect the print and can be responsible for the warping of the paper, while excessive humidity can cause mold and discoloration.
  3. Avoid hanging a print in direct sunlight. Over time light exposure will cause the print to fade and the paper to yellow.
  4. Prints should be hung so that it tilts slightly forward: this allows space for air to circulate behind it.